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Replacement Sash Windows in Bristol, Bath and Somerset

Replacement Sash Windows in Bristol, Bath and Somerset

Benefits of replacement

  • Improved noise reduction
  • Reduced heat loss
  • Improved security
  • Handcrafted bespoke sashes
  • Variety of glazing options
  • Draught-proofed as standard

As a specialist sash window company, we aim to provide a thermally efficient, aesthetically pleasing and character sensitive replacement sash window. It is important to us to retain the charm and personality of your property whilst providing you with the security and benefits of double glazing and new joinery.

Sash Window Timber

Sash window joinery manufactured using a modified timber called ACCOYAAll of our joinery is traditionally crafted in our workshop. We specilaise in the production of double glazed sash windows and have created a product which we are very proud to put our name to. The majority of our joinery is manufactured using hardwood but we are also fully trained in the use of modified timber called ACCOYA. This timber boasts an impressive 50 year anti-rot guarantee as well as other impressive attributes which can be found here.

One of ACCOYA attributes is how environmentally friendly it is. We have a responsibility as manufactures to be as eco friendly as possible with our manufacturing materials and techniques. This timber helps us immensely in our duty which is one of the reasons that we aim to manufacture with it.


Sash Window Joinery ProductionSash Window Joinery Production

Traditional Sash windows are a credit to any joiners portfolio. Being able to create such an elegant and detailed sash window is a real talent - understanding all tolerances and joints. We do not use any CNC machinery or 5 sided moulders. Each piece of timber is face edged and machined. Every joint is individually cut and shaped. Every detail carefully set up and moulded. Everything that needs to be done to create the traditional sash window is done.

We manufacture fully finished timber sash windows. We have developed a beautiful and elegant double glazed sash window which we are very proud of and believe is second to none. The joinery is all hand crafted using traditional techniques matching in to existing details. We are also specialists in the use double glazed slim line warm edge spacer units to complement these details if you require.


Sash Window Spray FinishingSash Window Spray Finishing

We first end grain seal all joinery and prep for spraying. We then apply 3 coats of water based micro porous paint up to a semi gloss clean white finish or a chosen colour of your choice. We can spray to a very high standard of factory finish and have worked closely with industrial coating specialists to achieve this.  


Sash Window Glazing

Our slim-line replacement sash windows have a double glazed unit which have a slimmer sight line than other double glazed units meaning we can reduce the rebate width of our joinery to 8.5mm allowing us to create a solid timber glazing bar that subtly accepts a double glazed unit.

These double glazed replacement sash windows have their double glazed units bedded in and hand finished with an authentic tapered angle. This gives a very traditional look and often from a distance the double glazed timber sash windows are indistinguishable from the original single glazed windows.

We can also provide the more modern double glazed window which uses ACCOYA timber beads externally for the edge bead and glazing bars. These bars are applied to the units. They are high quality replacements for the buildings that do not require the finesse of the slim-line sashes and are very popular.

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